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The Only LIVE NHS Healthcare Careers Virtual Work Experience in the UK Run by Healthcare Professionals!

Let us help you to take your first steps into the world of healthcare careers. It is live, giving you the chance to interact will healthcare professionals, but from the comfort and safety of your own home.  Join thousands of other students who are exploring healthcare careers with the help of our LIVE simulated high fidelity work experience programme!

Brought to you by the team that created the medic mentor-University Hospitals Birmingham Live Virtual Work Experience!

Completely Unique Experience

Follow multiple patients over a 5-month period, as they go from their initial injury to recovery.  It is amazing how many different healthcare professionals are involved in a patient’s care. This incredible opportunity showcases a variety of professionals in one day.  It gives students a chance to see them in action in various settings from the ward to the community.  It is also a fantastic opportunity to see them work together in a multidisciplinary team.

During the work experience day, students will follow 2 patients from their initial presentation to recovery.  Students will observe the healthcare professionals as they interact with the patients and and also each other.  Students will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge through teaching.  This will help students to make an informed career decision as well as learn about how healthcare professionals work together as part of a multidisciplinary team.  Each work experience day is completely different and students will be able to build on their knowledge of NHS careers as they see different patient cases and their healthcare professionals work in a variety of settings, such as hospital and community.  For this reason we recommend that students attend one work experience a month for 5 months to not only gain a deeper knowledge of multidisciplinary teams in general but also their chosen careers.

Allied Healthcare Mentor are committed to ensuring that students still have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into healthcare careers, even in these difficult times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each virtual work experience day starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm with breaks throughout.  These are valuable opportunities to ask questions and interact with healthcare professionals.  Students can select from 5 dates over a 5 month period (1 day each month) and will receive certificates for each day that they have completed.  This is a valuable opportunity that can be used for university and apprenticeship applications.

Any student from any school across the UK, in years’ 10-12 or S3-S5, can apply. Places are limited and we will allocate them on a first-come-first-served basis. In order to secure a place, students must book online and register below.  If the programme has reached maximum capacity for a specific date, online registration will close.

This work experience programme is specific for students interested in:

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Paramedics
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Radiographers
  • Dietitians
  • Pharmacists
  • Prosthetists and orthotics
  • Speech and language therapists

Each Live Work Experience event will showcase all of the careers above.  Students will follow a series of patient case studies (as they would with in person work-experience), and learn about how each career has an impact on the patient as well as how they work together as part of a multidisciplinary team.  This is important because it will help students to make an informed career decision and give them a more detailed insight into all of the allied healthcare professions over a 5 month programme.  

We will not have an entire day focussing on just one profession, because it is important for students to have knowledge of healthcare careers in general to make an informed decision and strengthen their applications.  For example, a student must be able to answer the question, ‘why do you want to be a nurse and not a speech and language therapist?’ at interview.  However, over the course of 5 months, students will also build a substantial amount of insight into the profession of their choice.

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Take the first step on your journey to becoming a well-informed and successfully healthcare professional!

Allied Healthcare Mentor
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